11 Amazing Ways to Use Facebook for Blog Promotion

No one can overlook the usefulness of Facebook in current times. We have to absolutely agree that Facebook is the largest social network in the world right now. I am sure, everyone these days uses facebook for staying connected or for promoting their businesses. This clearly makes Facebook a wonderful platform to promote your blog. But before we understand how to use Facebook for blog promotion, let’s look at some amazing Facebook statistics.

  1. Facebook users around the world? 1.6 billion monthly users and steadily growing
  2. Active daily users on Facebook? 2.7 billion people
  3. Percentage of daily Facebook users? Around 65% of all Facebook users are logged into the network on a daily basis
  4. Average time spent on Facebook – 20 minutes

These statistics are reason enough for any blogger, to make Facebook as one of the primary networks to promote their blogs. I suggest, every new blogger should learn how to use facebook for blog promotion as soon as they start their blogging. I have put together 11 easy yet effective tips for everyone to use for promoting their blogs on facebook, read on

11 Amazing Ways To Use Facebook For Blog Promotion:

Consistently share content

The most important aspect of generating regular facebook traffic for your blog is by consistently sharing relevant and useful content to your Facebook page, profile or group. Make sure your blog is updated regularly and you are writing at least one post a day, to begin with.

Make content easily shareable

Your posts should be easily shareable on Facebook and any other social media platforms. Make sure you have the relevant plugins in place for your readers to share your posts if they like it. be vocal about what you want. Make it known to your readers that you would want them to share your posts on Facebook by creating a relevant call to action at the end of your post.

Always optimise your facebook posts

Don’t just cut and paste the post URL in the status section of your profile, page or group. Write a small summary explaining the content.

Share the same content multiple times

Yes you heard me right! If you want more people to see your post, you better share it as many times as possible. But don’t copy and paste it multiple times, try and change the image, the summary every time you post it to Facebook.

Tag relevant entities or people

Tag people or businesses wherever necessary, this will gain the attention of people and businesses you have mentioned in your post. This might earn you a share from them too!

Post and comment on other relevant pages

Relevant pages means relevant audience, a bold step would be to post to these pages to gain some viewership. Also, comment and communicate with them and build credibility and value.

Create interest in your upcoming posts

Write about your upcoming post and update your page status accordingly. This will generate interest and buzz for your audience, they will keep coming back as they will know what to expect.

Share to your personal profile

Share your posts to your profile page. By sharing your page posts to your personal profile, you are increasing the chances of Facebook showing your posts on other timelines.

Search groups for relevant content

Look for relevant topics on facebook groups. If you find relevant content, you can comment and link your posts as a form of an answer to the questions in the group.

Be audience focused

Though I have put this almost at the very end, I think this is one of the most important things to do. Share updates which will be helpful for your fans and followers. This will get you maximum shares.

Facebook ads

One of the easiest ways to get exposure in front of your target audience is by using paid Facebook ads. It is cheap and it is worth trying, you can start campaigns for as cheap as Rs.68 per day. It also gives you the tools to target the right audience for your blog.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in understanding how to use Facebook for blog promotion. Also, if you have any suggestions to make about how Facebook can be utilised to drive traffic to your blog, do let me know in the comment section.

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