14 Ways to Promote Your Blog and Drive Traffic

“Everything you do once you produce your articles is what really counts.” Yes! And I strongly believe this to be accurate. What is the point of having all the knowledge in the world and publishing it on your blog when you don’t know how to promote it and get your audience to benefit from it? right? And that is precisely the reason why I bought Gary Vaynerchuk. The key to your blog’s success not only depends on how consistently you produce relevant content but also on how well you can promote your blog to your intended audience.

And, that’s precisely the reason why I am writing this article for you. I am putting together a list of the most important ways you can use to promote your blog and get a decent amount of traffic.

1. Facebook is the place to start:

No, really, all the stats you might have seen about only 2.7% engagement on Facebook is true for Facebook Ads, but if you are starting out and want to connect with your core audience FB is the place for you. Your friends are on Facebook, you have numerous groups that cater to any niche there is and you can post as many times as you want!

2. Twitter can be vital:

The world’s largest microblogging site and you wouldn’t want to publish there? ridiculous! Start posting to Twitter directly after you publish each post! Twitter has the potential to skyrocket your reach with the re-tweet possibilities it holds. Key: is to have a decent enough following and you should yourself be active too.

3. Engage and be active in blogging communities:

Being part of other communities and being active helps you leverage your network to bring in targeted traffic to your blog. This really is a superb spot to construct relationships with your coworkers. For Eg. I prefer Inbound.Org and IndiBlogger

4. Be dynamic on your own blog:

Don’t just be a person who posts and forgets about the post. Be responsive, and reply to genuine comments, even if they are few, to begin with. Show that you are human.

5. Write to your audience:

Okay, maybe I have repeated this one point in almost all my posts because I firmly believe that a blog is meant for an audience. If you only wish to write on your own, begin writing a diary instead. So, when you write a blog, keep your audience in mind and try and solve the problems they face. This will help you reach out to your prospective reader base, simply by word of mouth ( trust me this is the best form of marketing)

6. Always get an angle:

Why are some of the best bloggers are the best bloggers? They find that an angle, a fresh outlook to reveal, how things may be accomplished otherwise. Work towards, making your content worth a read. Provide information that is one step above the rest. This is what will ultimately help you promote your blog and create a niche for yourself in the crowd.

7. Start guest posting:

How do you get exposure for yourself, which will, in turn, give you the much-needed exposure for your blog? Guest posting- The one activity which done correctly can put you right at the top of your game. Choose the right blogs and pitch them your best posts or articles and see how it changes things for you. If you want to guest post for this blog Just drop me a line @ Contact

8. Target influencer marketing techniques:

So, now you are on social media, and you have some decent following. What next? Use tools like BuzzSumo to find social authorities in your niche on social platforms and build connections. A tweet or a share from a social influencer will go a long way in promoting your blog.

9. Specific SEO tactics:

Understand the basics of SEO, it will go a long way, and also practice special SEO techniques that will help you gain organic traffic. For Eg. try and use long-tail keywords often, they rank much better and easier. For instance, the long tail for this post is Promote Your Blog, it has a better chance at ranking compared to blog traffic.

10. The fine art of commenting:

The age-old trick, everyone knows this but they seldom practice it. Make a list of top authority blogs, and diligently comment on these. Do not be generic, but comment on your observations and opinions of posts which interest you. This helps to promote your blog.

11. Get offline:

Yep! offline activities will start giving your blog the impetus it needs. Go out there, go to events, conferences in your niche, network, talk about your blog. It helps, trust me it did for me.

12. Start your subscriber list:

You should start building an email list from day one! do not wait to do that. Your email listing includes your intended audience. The more they read you, the more they will share it with others. Key: Your content needs to be worth it.

13. Use promotional tools:

Make use of tools that are available to reach out to a larger audience and faster. I personally can vouch for Buffer and Slideshare. Some of the premium services are paid services but you don’t have to worry about those to begin with.

14. Submit to blog directories:

What? blog directories are still around??? Yea, they are!! Locate the very best match and distribute for as many of these as you can. Blog directory traffic will not be phenomenal, but they will start trickling in nevertheless.

This is not the 15 commandments of how to promote your blog, but these are tried and tested methods, which has worked for me and worked for numerous others too. Feel free to engage me in conversation if you have suggestions to make or tips to add.

And if you have no clue what I am talking about and are a noob to blogging, You can start by reading Start a Blog.

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