18 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Comments

Have you noticed? Successful blogs are all about audience engagement. How do you recognize this? by seeing the number of comments each blog post gets on these blogs. To get there requires patience and time. To increase your blog comments you need to improve interaction via your blog post.

A blog post without comments is like an abandoned ship. The number of comments on your blog is directly relevant in showcasing the usefulness of the post.

In this post, I will share with you absolutely easy and simple tips that you can start using to increase your blog comments. You might not find a radical increase, however, you’ll get there, just like I’m.

18 Easy Ways To Increase Your Blog Comments

Close with a question:

But do keep in mind to use open-ended questions when you close your blog posts. A closed question like ” Do you want blog traffic?” will be of no use in evoking a response, while in comparison an open-ended question like ” How important do you think traffic is for your blog?” will generate an immediate response. So, start concluding your blog posts with open-ended questions as much as possible to encourage your readers to leave you a comment.

Engage yourself in commenting on other blogs:

Do unto others as you would expect them to do unto you. Yea, it’s a good approach to have. Start commenting on other blogs related to your niche and you will start seeing blog owners of these blogs coming over to your site and slowly engaging with your content. This will lead to their readers trickling over to your blog.

A win-win situation where you will start seeing more comment engagement on your blog posts. Believe me, it functions, it’s worked for me personally! Leave me a comment and I’ll venture over to a site when you have one.

Start a conversation:

Remember to speak with your audience in a conversational setting. Your readers will reciprocate to you if you are talking to them by the means of your content. Your content should be easy to understand and be communicative. This will start a conversation and increase your blog comments. Do not write on your own, write to the subscribers.

Always respond to comments:

Make it a habit to react to each comment you become. This will show that you are concerned about what your readers think and it will show that, you appreciate them for reading your post. So, going forward always respond to the comments that you get.

Get controversial:

The human tendency is such that, we respond to controversies faster than the usual stuff. Now, imagine if you were to read a headline that says ” All expert bloggers are a bunch of liars!” wouldn’t you be scandalized?! Controversial posts get maximum engagement which leads to loads of comments. But be careful to only write, well researched, and fact-checked topics. Don’t start controversies that you can’t back up.

Do interviews:

Try and interview influential experts in your domain. This is sure to increase traffic to your blog post and everyone who lands on the page would want to share their opinion about the expert. This is a very tried and tested method to increase blog comments. In case you haven’t tried it, then you need to now.

Get a contest up and running:

Running a contest on your blog not only gives you backlinks but also will increase blog comments. Create a simple contest and see how people start responding to it. Everyone loves a contest and everyone wants to win. This will give your post all the action that it needs.

Get CommentLuv on your blog:

Recently I did a post on Top 50 CommentLuv enabled blogs and I went on installed the CommentLuv plugin on my blog too.  This plugin will display the commenters recent blog post and publish it with his comment, which motivates your readers to start commenting on your blog. So, I suggest it is wise to install this plugin and start seeing some results on your blog posts.

Make it clear that you want your readers to comment:

At the end of every blog post, you should ask for comments if you want your readers to comment on your post. A comment request will go a long way in encouraging the reader to add a comment to the post. You could, go ahead and ask them what they think of the post or if they have any suggestions to make or to share their experiences in the comments section. Most times, a customized comment request works well in increasing your blog comments.

Stop publishing too many posts:

Make your posts count, Too many posts will only get you traffic but no engagement. Write fewer posts but detailed ones, This will help readers get value and they will be more than happy to add their opinions to your posts. So, once you have a hang of what you are doing, decrease the number of posts that you write. Focus on quality, not quantity.

Make your failures count:

How do you connect with your audience? Share with them your failures and sad stories. Nothing gets a response better than when they feel for your pain. But, don’t make it up! If you have a sad story to tell, go ahead and tell them! If you have failed in the past, share your experience! Get them crying! and you will have them writing comments.

Focus only on writing quality content:

I said this before and I am saying it now, this time around I emphasize the quality of the content you write. No one really bothers reading your post, leave alone commenting on it if you write common, generic content that doesn’t add value to your audience. Always strive to write well thought, meaningful content that will make a difference to your readers. This alone will play a very important role in increasing your comments.

Make it easy to comment:

Although, it is very difficult to deal with spam these days it will help to make the process of commenting as easy as possible. Don’t keep too many authenticating protocols for people to follow before they comment. Take that CAPTCHA out, I suggest relying on a plugin that takes care of spam instead of complicating the process of commenting.

Opinions matter:

In the world of blogging, knowledge and opinion are two things that matter. So, be brave and share your opinion. Write a post which will be your opinion on a trend, a situation, or something which you know is going to happen in the future. This will get connect with readers who believe the same things and this will increase your blog comments.

Offer a reward:

If all else fails, resort to bribery. No, it is not wrong but the form of bribery I am talking about is more a reward than a bribe. Offer something of value to your reader in exchange for a comment. Maybe a free download, a checklist a report, etc. See how this works. Everyone loves free rewards.

Write a Top list:

Top lists are sure ways to drive blog traffic, engage readers, and also increase your blog comments. A detailed top list like this post will successfully summarise boring content into brief and usable information. The list will get your readers into the comment box with their opinions and suggestions and points that they feel works or needs to be added.

So, do write detailed, Top list posts once in a while. My blog is predominantly built about the list post format and I see that people like to engage more often on my list posts.

Comment count “counts”:

You know how this works? Let me tell you. Displaying comment count will help in establishing the worth of your content. So the more comments you display, the more people come to your blog post to read and discuss with you. Maybe it might not work well when you are not getting too many comments, but it is just a matter of time before one of your posts takes off and the number of comments will keep pulling in more readers and more comments.

Your title is the key:

Finally, but most importantly a proactive and exciting post title is a must to improve and increase your blog comments. If no one finds your post, how will you ever get any comments? Make your post title searchable and interesting so that you will get your targeted audience to come over.

In conclusion

These are some of the ways you can increase your blog comments and engage better with your readers. However, you need to consistently implement them for it to work. If you have used some other steps to increase your blog comments do let me know about them in the comments section. Additionally, remark if you believe these factors make sense for you personally and are useable.

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