34 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

A successful blog is one that has a good social presence as well as a good search ranking. In this merit, a good SEO strategy is to have a good On-page SEO strategy as well as an Off-page SEO strategy. A good off-page SEO strategy includes the activity of building backlinks and leveraging social alerts. Quality backlinks to your blog lead to better traffic from search engines and better ranking on search engines.

Now how should you construct quality backlinks for your site? How to get those authority sites to backlink to you to improve your SERP? To make things easy for you, I have outlined 35 of the most important ways you can get quality backlinks. Read on to understand:

34 Tips To Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog

Guest posting:

By far this is the most important activity which will bring you quality backlinks. Do this consistently and diligently to improve your blog’s ranking. Check this post about guest posting opportunities.

Analyze your competitors:

Don’t be afraid to find out where your competitors are getting their backlinks from. Simply go ahead and copy the pattern. Use tools such as Majestic SEO to learn where your competitors are accessing their traffic from.

Focus on offering free resources:

If you offer something valuable for free like an e-book or a report, chances are people will link back to the source. People like to point to free tools to help their own readers. Hence if you can create some amazing free stuff for your audience, be assured you will start getting backlinks without having to lift a finger.

Create amazing infographics:

Accumulate valuable data from your niche and create amazing infographics and then promote it via your networks and get other bloggers to share it too. A fantastic way to get started getting quality traffic for your site.

Broken link building:

Find authority sites that link to websites which no longer exist. These should be relevant to your niche, Once you identify such broken links, you can bring them to the site owner’s attention and pitch them to replace it with a link to your content that is relevant.  Might not work always but worth a try, after all, you helped them by letting them know of an issue.

Reddit your content:

Post to Reddit, your best content. The more upvotes and comments you get will get indexed on search engines. Just be careful about where you post your content, spamming will get you banned.

Influencer roundups:

One of the best ways to get maximum shares and backlinks by doing a genuine roundup post about influencers in your niche. Inform them and most likely they will share it forward.

Engage in valuable commenting:

Consistently practice commenting on other blogs, contributing comments will help you build relationships as well as inbound links.

Get active on Quora:

Now, this is an amazing discussion board that gives you the immense potential to share your knowledge and answer queries relevant to your niche. This also gives you an opportunity to recommend content that links back to your blog.

Yahoo answers not dead:

One of the oldest question and answer forums is still the best source for information across search engines. Quoting your blog as a source when providing answers can generate backlinks to your site.

Utilize social bookmarking:

Although, this completely depends on the number of shares your content gets, Social bookmarking like Stumbleupon can be valuable in building backlinks. Explore this listing of 100 Free Social bookmarking sites.

Submit to popular blog directories:

There are too many directories around, choose the best for your niche submit your blog to these. Here’s a list of top blogging directories.

DMOZ your blog:

DMOZ is the biggest open directory online. Getting listed on this means a solid opportunity to be backlinked. Submit your site here.

Create a Link To Us Page:

Put a specific page on your blog where your readers can pick an HTML code to place on their page for backlinks. A direct approach sometimes works wonders. This will work if you have placed a link to our call for action in prominent places on your blog.

Get active on relevant forums:

Find niche-specific forums and start being active on them. Share valuable information with users, You can use your blog link in signatures or as a reference in your forum discussions. This will start showing as quality backlinks for you over time.

Offer guest posting on your blog:

This is a great way of getting quality backlinks to your blog. Get reputed bloggers to guest post for you. They will eventually link back to you via their profile or as a reference in their posts.

Convert your posts to PDF  and submit them:

Get the best of your posts into PDF format and start sharing them to document sharing sites. Explore this list for sharing.

Explore outbound link SEO:

This is a unique approach to backlink building. The onus is upon you to start outbound links on your post to other bloggers. Eventually, they will return the favor.

Focus on .edu and .gov forums:

These are authority sites, score backlinks from them and it will work. Read this advanced .edu and.gov link building guide.

Don’t overlook Google groups and Yahoo groups:

Seek out and sign up for both Google groups and yahoo groups. Yes, they are still around, and start sharing information on them that links back to your posts.

Write tutorials and guides:

If you have the expertise then start writing tutorials and how-to guides. These posts tend to get loads of backlinks.

Have you thought about about.com:

We all know about about.com don’t we? Distribute content there and start receiving inbound links to Your Website from other Sites.

Write reviews:

Genuine reviews are indexed faster. Other bloggers and the companies whose products and services you reviewed will link back to you. Check out how to get backlinks doing reviews.

Submit on blogging communities:

Start submitting your blog posts to blogging communities. This will help win genuine backlinks. Here is a list of blogging communities to submit to.

RSS feeds submission:

Explore RSS feed directories and submit your blog’s feed there. Here is a list of RSS feed directories you can submit to.

Give out testimonials:

Companies or blogs, big or small everyone appreciates testimonials. Write testimonials for products or services that you like and inform these companies or blogs. They will surely link back to your posts to establish their credibility.

HARO needs exploring:

HARO is short for Help a Reporter Out. Sign up on HARO and respond to reporters who are looking for sources in your niche. Share your valuable content and tips and stand to win backlinks from high authority news sites.

Submit to website feedback sites:

Submit your blog for a review and feedback from others about what needs to improve. This submission will get a nice link back. Check these website feedback sites where you can submit your blog.

Leverage Scoop it:

Suggest your site to high PR Scoop.it pages and gets exposed to lots off backlink opportunities. All you have to do is search for high PR Scoop.it pages in your niche and suggests your links on them, writes a message to the page owner about why your link should be added.

Implement the Skyscraper method:

Utilize the Skyscraper technique devised by Brian Dean of Backlinko. This amazing technique will revolutionize your backlink building activity.

Submit to high PR web 2.0 sites:

A smart way to get quality backlinks to your blog is by submitting to web 2.0 sites such as Hubpages etc. Here is a list of Top Web 2.0 sites.

Try and host a Best Blog Award:

You could start a blogging contest in your niche, making a backlink to the post a pre-requisite for participation. You might end up getting some quality backlinks. After all, everyone wants to win awards.

Make use of Wikipedia:

Now, this is an amazing platform to get quality backlinks to your blog. All you have to do is search for dead links on Wikipedia related to your niche and edit and post your links wherever relevant. But make sure your links are absolutely relevant.

Publish high-quality content:

Finally one of the most important aspects of getting high-quality backlinks depends on your content. If you consistently write high-quality content, then over a period of time you will start getting organic backlinks to these posts. So focus on publishing good content regularly.

Now, these are what I think are critical for getting quality backlinks to your blog. Let me know if you have benefitted from these techniques and what other strategies have you used to get quality backlinks. Do leave a comment.

P.S: If you want to guest post on this blog. Leave me a comment about what you think of this post and your intention to guest post. This is open for anyone who has a blog from a similar niche.

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