9 Tips to Writing Engaging Blog Posts 2021

Hello! Folks! Have you got any clue the way to frequently write amazing blog articles? No? Well, now that you all have learned how to start a new blog and understood the basics of SEO to get you going, it is time for you to understand the nuances of writing engaging blog posts.

Yea! That’s right, starting a blog is just the beginning now you have to regularly publish content too. That means you have to come up with topics and write them in a way that will capture your readers and engage them.

In this post, I have outlined the 9 most critical tips which come in handy in writing engaging blog posts, whatever your niche might be.

9 Tips to Writing Engaging Blog Posts 2021

The opening makes or breaks your post:

Try and make the beginning as interesting as possible. Would you read something that has a boring start? no, right? So try and engage your audience from the first sentence. Start with a question ( As an example see the opening of this post), or you can start with a quote. Begin like it is a storyline.

Simple and short is better:

Who are you writing for? Humans? right? And what are we best known for? Short attention spans! Yes! So, friends write simple English and keep your sentences short.

Headlines, Headlines & Headlines:

Now, let’s talk about business. No! I was not wasting your time with the first two points! I am just saying, Headlines are THE most important aspect of writing engaging blog posts. Imagine, would you open a book with a boring headline? or title? I am very sure you wouldn’t.  Write kick-ass blog titles, and your blog post will stand out.

Writing the content:

There are two ways to doing this, and this is once you have researched facts and outlined your data. Getting it done in one session ( personally, I prefer this) or, add to the post bit by bit. Whichever might be your writing style, focus on making your content audience relevant. Connect with your audience by evoking an emotional response, and strive to provide solutions to the issues they face.

Length is not important but…

Okay, so I suggest all you newbies and beginners out there to keep this in mind. If you have heard long posts don’t do well, or small posts are the best and viz a viz, then think otherwise. The post length solely depends on the context and relevance of the subject. What I mean by this is, write only about what is necessary.

Strive to be unique:

Yea! You heard me, UNIQUE is the word of the day! Or month or millennia or whatever! The point I am trying to make here is, what you write may not be fresh, but find a new approach to the subject. Give it your twist!

You need awesome visuals!!

It is not mandatory, but visuals make your post stand out! It makes the post captive. Bring out, images or videos which will complement the gist of your post.

Always create to evoke an action:

Well, all of us bloggers, new or old are in this business to engage, grow credibility, and create a decent income stream. Now, how would all this materialize if you write without direction or a call-to-action? Every post of yours should have a purpose and this is to encourage your readers to take action after they finish reading. Call them to leave a comment, check out a relevant post that you have written, or maybe even direct them to a useful product or service.

Do you have the passion?

Do you want to succeed as a blogger? Do you want to stand out? Writing engaging blog posts won’t be easy if you are not passionate, period. Your voice should be the embodiment of passion. Don’t strive for perfection, invest your emotions in your writing, and see how easily you will be able to connect with your readers.

Before I conclude, I would like to point out these tips are essential to getting your blog post right. More “advanced steps to writing engaging blog posts”  will be published in the near future. Meanwhile, if you are a blogging novice, Start here.

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