15 Tips To Promote Your Blog Using Social Media

Every blogger has a question. How can I use social media to promote my blog? And can social media really help to promote your blog? The answer is Yes! definitely, it can! But you need to know how to leverage social media to work for you. I failed to understand in the beginning, I thought to get Facebook likes and Twitter follows was all I needed to do, to bring in the traffic ( they help, but they are not everything), but I was wrong. It’s not about the numbers, it’s all about engagement. So, don’t make the same mistakes I did.

In this post, I will share some important tips which you can start implementing via your social media presence to promote your blog. One of the primary advantages of promoting your blog through social media is the instant access you will get to a much larger and targeted audience.

15 Tips To Promote Your Blog Using Social Media

Make your presence felt on all platforms:

It is important to have a social profile on all leading social media platforms. It is advisable if you have these profiles in your blog’s name. Complete the profiles, put your website details, and always mention your focus keywords in your description. I advise having a blog-branded social profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and if need be on Pinterest and Instagram also. For every view your profile gets, there is a possibility your blog get’s noticed too.

Highlight your Social Media icons:

On your blog, display social media icons prominently for others to be able to connect with you. Ideally, you can put these icons on the top of the blog. Alternatively, I prefer running widgets on my sidebar. This gives the reader an opportunity to see the activity and also connect.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you:

What I mean by this is, don’t just share your own content. Engage in social media communities, answer questions where ever possible, share useful content even if it is not yours. Once you gain credibility across platforms, people will be happy to share your content.

Dedicate time to sharing on social media:

From a blogger and your blog’s perspective, it is essential that you create a social media schedule for your shares. Get on social media onset times and share useful content along with your own. Analyze the best times to share and tweet for regions in your focus and plan accordingly.

Does your blog have social sharing?

I know, this is really not much of a tip, I am sure everyone is already using sharing buttons on their blog posts. But, what’s important is the placement. Make sure your social share buttons are prominent at the top of the post and once again at the end of the post.

Acknowledge shares:

If someone shares your blog post, make it a point to publicly thank them on your timeline. It doesn’t hurt to be polite and thankful, this will encourage others to follow suit. This means you will start getting more shares.

Make your posts social:

Integrate social sharing options in the post itself. Make it easier for the reader to share content as he reads your post. I personally use Click To Tweet for this. You can embed it in your post and you are done!

Get personal:

Although automation is the way forward, I prefer to stay personal. Write brief introductions to your posts. Do not randomly post everywhere, choose groups, lists to post on. This will go a long way in people trusting your social authority.

Get busy on LinkedIn:

Find LinkedIn groups that are a good fit for you and share directly to these groups. This is a great way to promote your blog and at the same time become a thought leader in your chosen niche.

Images attract more people:

When you share on Facebook and Pinterest, Your images come into play. Make it a point to have one image per share. This will help you get more eyeballs on the mentioned platforms.

Create intriguing titles for social shares:

You may already have a wonderful title for your blog post, but try and make it even more interesting and intriguing for social media. Use different titles across platforms, keep them short and relevant with a sense of awe, shock, and surprise.

Share multiple times:

No, I don’t mean just copy-paste the same content a hundred times. All you have to do is change the title, image, and post your blog post multiple times on each platform. This gives your audience a chance to notice your content.

Leverage social bookmarking:

There are many people who prefer browsing for content on social bookmarking sites. Apply to these social bookmarking sites and get your blog on them. Some of the top social booking marking sites are StumbleUponDigg, and AllTop.

Use hashtags on Twitter:

Find a trending topic relevant to your niche use the relevant hashtags and you can piggyback on this to get your post across to a much larger audience than usual.

Analyze and monitor:

One of the keys to your success on social media and using social media to promote your blog is by tracking your results, Use different strategies based on results. Check for decreased or increased activity and adjust your posting schedule accordingly.

Your success at promoting your blog on social media will depend purely on your eagerness to adapt to changing situations and user feedback which you will have to gauge regularly on social profiles.

I hope that these tips will help you in formulating your first social media strategy to promote your blog. If you need more information on how to drive traffic to your blog you can read: Drive Traffic To My Blog!

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