9 Reasons Why Bluehost Is the Best Web Hosting for Your Blog

If You Want to start a Site, the first few Items You Have to do Would Be:

  1. Choose a niche of your choice and expertise
  2. Find an appropriate and catchy domain name
  3. Get affordable and reliable web hosting

The decision to choose a niche is primarily based on your experience and expertise so that can’t be influenced to a large extent and ideally a domain name needs to be relevant to your niche or primary topic of your blog so that your audience or readers identify with the subject immediately. The last and final aspect of starting a blog depends purely on making the right decision when it comes to your web hosting.

Now remember, the key aspects of good web hosting are as follows:

  1. Hosting reliability and uptime guarantees
  2. Adequate up-gradation options
  3. Numerous control panel features
  4. Availability hosting add-ons
  5. Clear terms of service and policies in regard to service termination etc
  6. A wealth of allied features
  7. Most importantly affordable pricing for sign up and renewals

Now based on these aspects in my experience I have found Bluehost’s best web hosting for any new blog or existing blog. This blog is hosted on Bluehost and I have had no service issues, downtime, or other technical difficulties. Also, the most important aspect being it is extremely affordable too.

So, let’s find out what makes Bluehost a great option;

9 reasons which make Bluehost the best webs hosting for your blog

  1. Domain names are unquestionably free together with the purchase of your own hosting. So basically you don’t have to pay for your domain for the first year!
  2. Versatility is the keyword with their service. They have been in service for 10 years now, making them one of the most reliable and trusted web hosting service. They host more than 2 million websites worldwide.
  3. State of the art security. Be rest assured, their service provides high-end security to all hosting plans.
  4. A loaded cPanel using many tools and features. This can be integrated with your analytics etc.
  5. You don’t worry about your data. Bluehost has automated daily backups. This means you won’t ever need to think about anything else anymore.
  6. Top of this class customer care. With a 750 member support team and 24/7 service, you are never neglected as a customer. Not many hosting services can boast of a service like this.
  7. Flexible hosting choices. From beginners to professionals there is a hosting plan for everyone.
  8. Bluehost offers a pro-rata money-back guarantee. If You Aren’t Satisfied with their Support at any time, you can get your Cash back
  9. Inexpensive Web hosting and frequent reductions. Bluehost prices are rock bottom and on top of that, there are regular price dips and discounts which people can make use of.

So, this kinda sums up why I love Bluehost so much and also why I have named “Bluehost best web hosting” service for blogs. Also, they have a one-step installation process for WordPress based websites, which makes hosting your WordPress blogs a piece of cake.

So I recommend, If you are starting a new blog or want to move to a better hosting service. Sign up for Bluehost. You will be sorted.

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