10 Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Be Using! [beginner]

What makes life easier for us bloggers? Amazing blogging tools, Yes! As a blogger, we spend a lot of time creating content, planning what to write, distributing content, etc. Imagine if we had to do all of this without any help? Yea, you got it right, it would have been a difficult task! But, Thanks to some wonderful blogging tools life is a lot easier.

Now, there are paid tools and free tools, but mostly all paid tools also give access to some free features which any blogger can use. I have created a list of 10 Blogging tools I can vouch for and I couldn’t do without. Remember, there are a lot more tools and resources out there but I have created a very basic list which someone who is starting off can utilize.

1. Blogging Platforms


Without a doubt, my first choice is WordPress, it is a great place to begin your blogging journey. With numerous plugins and hacks, it is a wonderful platform to climb up in the blogging domain. But, I suggest you spend a little and host it for the best results.


I started my blogging on Blogger. This platform has quite a lot of advantages. Being a Google property, it seamlessly integrates with all other Google tools and offerings. But the only drawback is limited customization and automation possibilities.


Essentially a micro-blogging site, it is great to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Also gives you access to an active community, other than just being a blogging platform, it acts as a social networking platform too.

2. Blogging Ideas


My first choice to find blogging ideas has to be BuzzSumo. Extremely easy to use, key in a topic on the search and you will find a wealth of information about how it is performing on the social platform. Based on which you can decide if the topic is worth writing about.


This is more of a forum, revolving around questions and answers. How does Quora help? Well, quite simply by telling you what answers people are looking for in any given niche gives you an idea for your next blog post. I use it regularly when I am low on content ideas. Use it guys! it is worth it.

LinkedIn Pulse:

Yea, I browse through LinkedIn Pulse too. Not only do I get amazing content ideas for B2B space, but literally everything else too. Great place to find trending topics based on their popularity.

3. Blogging Tools For Content Optimization


If you are on WordPress you don’t have to look any further to optimize your content. A great plugin that will prompt you to fix your meta, keywords, Flesch score, and more.

Google Trends:

Not an SEO tool purely, but the best place to look when you want to understand how your focus niche is performing globally. Google Trends, helps in formulating a well thought out content plan to address your focus areas.

Google Keyword Planner:

Part of the Google Adwords package, this keyword planner is a lifesaver for any blogger and website owner. Gives you an immense amount of analytical information about how all your focus keywords are performing based on customizable parameters. Must have for planning SEO strategies.

4. Writing Tools For effective blog writing


My top recommendation in this section has to be Grammarly. It is free to use and gives you comprehensive access to check and correct grammatical and language issues.


How can I skip Hemingway on this list? I can’t, I have used Hemingway for literally every copywriting job I ever did in the past. It is a helpful tool to check sentence complexity and fixing it.

5. Blogging Tools For Email Marketing and List Management


I use Mailchimp even now! Because it is free until you hit 2000 subscribers! and I think for a beginner it is good enough.


Used by literally all professional bloggers this is the best email marketing and management tool around which not only gives you a seamless integration. But also, numerable features such as welcome pages, landing pages, etc from their customization dashboard.

6. Blogging Tools For Creation Of Visuals


Top visual creator tool which I use regularly for creating normal images, infographics, blog title image, Facebook cover, etc. It is free and you can download high-quality images to use on any blogging platform you may be using.

Meme Generator:

Are you into creating hilarious content? You will need a Meme generator then. Easy to use with thousands of images to choose from. Use it the next time you want to create viral content!

Free Images:

Although I use Shutterstock primarily, I recommend FreeImages for beginners, purely because they are absolutely free and you get access to hundreds and thousands of images.

7. Content Distribution Tools


My top tool for all my publishing needs. I use Buffer to set up and schedule content distribution across all the social media platforms I am active on. No limit, no hassle. It also helps to schedule publishing and posting tweets based on geographic needs.


Top class plugin to integrate with your WordPress blog to set up tweets straight from your blog post. Gives you an opportunity to customize your content and cloak your link.

8. Blogging Tools For Traffic Generation

Virtual Content Buzz:

Well, If you are not using this, you should. It is a great online system that gives you an opportunity to drive some genuine traffic to your blog and get social shares. All you have to do is sign up with any of your social accounts and start sharing content on your timeline. You can choose the categories you want to share. You accumulate points which you can redeem against your projects. Simple, it gets me some amazing and targeted traffic.

9. Video Creation and Editing Tools


A free app ( Downloads are chargeable but just under a dollar) that can be used on multiple operating platforms ( Android, iOS, and online version). Easy to use with options to select editing style, soundtrack addition, add titles, save and share. It also has an auto edit option. If you want to create videos this is a top-class place to start.


Once again a wonderful tool for video creating and editing. It is highly intuitive and makes most of your editing decisions for you. Catch: it is a paid service, but worth a try.

10. Blogging Tools For User Survey


Whenever you want to run a survey for your readers, to understand what they would like you to write or any other feedback based decision you have to take. You can use SurveyMonkey. It is simple to create questionnaires and distribute them to your list.


If you want to create a survey that is out of the box, Typeform is the place for you. There are loads of free features that you can use to bring out some amazing interactive and interesting surveys for your readers to engage in.

The tools mentioned here are extremely useful for blogging novices. Using them surely helped me in concentrating more on core areas of blogging without having to break my head over every small detail

I hope this will be as useful to you as it was for me. Once again, despite the tools are for beginners, any level blogger can use them if they don’t already. I look forward to hearing your views and experiences soon!

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