90 Steps to Blogging Success in 2021

I have been blogging consistently for over a year now and I was thinking it was time to do a post based on things that I feel are important for every blogger’s success. Blogging success very rarely depends only on your experience and expertise, there are many factors that are critical for building an authority blog.

In this post I will outline everything I feel will add to the success quotient of a blog, these are just basic principles which if followed can assure you a path towards blogging success in the shortest amount of time.

90 Steps To Blogging Success

  1. If you don’t know what it takes to be a blogger, don’t start until you fully realize if you can do it.
  2. Be clear about the topic that you want to blog about. Don’t be random, pick your topic even before you start.
  3. Decide on a domain name that reflects the aim of your website.
  4. Determine the platform that you want to start your blog on. I prefer WordPress and recommend WordPress.
  5. Choose the right hosting for your blog. I recommend Bluehost, Dreamhost, or Hostgator.
  6. Select the right design, which is unique and responsive. Get amazing theme options here: StudioPress or ThemeForest.
  7. Make sure your blog passes the design parameters. Refer to this list.
  8. Create social identities for the blog. I suggest creating a stand-alone account specifically for the blog itself, instead of using your own social network. Of course, you can promote on your network too.
  9. Write an interesting About page. Make it stand out.
  10. Start publishing posts on a regular basis. To begin with, you post on a daily basis, Understand what to do the first 30 days of blogging.
  11. Categorize your posts, Pick the most relevant ones and keep them minimal.
  12. Try and create your own images. I use Canva, also, use free to use images. Go here to find free images for your blog.
  13. Learn how to write amazing blog titles and headlines.
  14. Read, research, and follow. Make sure you follow expert bloggers and make their blogging methods your own.
  15. Your blogging success will depend on being a part of the blogging community. So engage.
  16. Install google analytics to track your progress.
  17. Produce a Sitemap,” If You’re on WordPress, utilize the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.
  18. Set up Google Webmaster tools and submit URL for crawling, Sitemap, etc.
  19. Make use of all available free blogging tools and resources. Here’s a list of blogging tools to start with.
  20. Focus on getting better at writing. Follow these copywriting techniques.
  21. Be personal, identify a voice that will connect with your readers, and use it.
  22. Learn how to write amazing blog posts.
  23. Use resources to coming up with blogging ideas. I regularly get mine from Google trendsBuzzsumo, and Quora.
  24. Create a content calendar to stay focused. Learn how to create a content calendar.
  25. Use images and proper formatting to make your blog posts look appealing.
  26. Start having a prominent call to action across your blog. This will assist your readers to remain on your website.
  27. Start boosting your site on social networking. Follow these Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing tips.
  28. Write multiple titles for social media promotions. Make sure you don’t just post directly to Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform. Write interesting summaries along with the link.
  29. Keep more than 5 or 4 societal sharing choices in your own articles
  30. Start using link bait techniques in your posts.
  31. Start building your connections with social influencers and other reputed bloggers.
  32. Start building your email list. Learn how to effectively get more email subscribers for your blog.
  33. Sign-up with email services such as MailChimp or Aweber.
  34. Revisit your marketing plan and outline a strategy for your blog.
  35. Focus on interlinking posts and outbound links where ever necessary.
  36. Adopt an effective backlink strategy to improve search rankings.
  37. Watch different sites in your market to comprehend what keywords they’re rank for and compose articles.
  38. Track high-performing posts on analytics and publish similar posts.
  39. Start promoting your blog on LinkedIn. Publish articles on LinkedIn Pulse.
  40. Promote blog on Google plus. More +1s mean, better indexing on Google search.
  41. Start leveraging social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon.
  42. Reddit your top blog posts.
  43. Start engaging in Quora. Build your reputation as a blogger by adding value to the discussion
  44. Automate publishing to your social profiles. Use WordPress features or tools like Buffer.
  45. Utilize SEO plugins like Yoast on WordPress to improve your optimization efforts.
  46. Stick to all On-page and off-page SEO best practices.
  47. Use keywords diligently in your title and content
  48. Write useful Meta descriptions for all your posts before you publish them.
  49. Learn from leading social media marketing platforms to better your social footprint.
  50. Post to leading blog directories.
  51. Start engaging in forums relevant for blogging.
  52. Start email marketing to your list. Even if there only one subscriber, start engaging the list.
  53. If possible limit outbound links to not more than 10 in your blog posts.
  54. Build credibility by commenting on other blogs in your niche.
  55. Interact with your readers in your comments section. Show them you are listening.
  56. Start writing guest posts.
  57. Sign up for Google Adsense or other high-paying alternatives.
  58. Learn how to increase Google Adsense revenue and implement the techniques.
  59. Start exploring affiliate marketing opportunities.
  60. Start generating content ideas from your blog readers.
  61. Announce contests and rewards on your blog, this will help drive backlinks and traffic.
  62. Consistently do blog round-ups of leading bloggers and share with your readers.
  63. Employ content curation to your content advertising campaigns.
  64. Create a blogging program and stay with it.
  65. Make an effort to write long blog posts, which are 2000 words or more. Google ranks detailed posts better.
  66. Incentivize email list building methods. Offer Free E-books against email addresses.
  67. Offer Guest posts to other bloggers on your blog.
  68. Don’t just focus on writing posts for search engines, write posts for your readers.
  69. Treat your blog like a business, only then can you achieve blogging success.
  70. You can’t be successful for free, invest in your blog.
  71. Start repurposing your content frequently. Bring out e-books or newsletters with your repurposed content.
  72. Research your reader’s traits and challenges, write posts that will help them address these points.
  73. Use videos in your blog posts to increase visual engagement.
  74. Write regular How-to posts and tutorials.
  75. Help other budding bloggers. Sharing is caring and your attitude defines your authority.
  76. Update your older posts, this will bring them back in search results and make them relevant.
  77. There comes a time when you will have to shift your focus from just publishing posts and focus more on marketing activities. Make the shift to succeed.
  78. Be open to suggestions and ideas from other bloggers and your readers. Flexibility is the name of the game.
  79. Make your blog a place for community contribution. Give opportunities for other bloggers to feature their posts on your blog regularly.
  80. Superior content is the most essential thing, do not detract from this.
  81. Instagram is the new social tool for driving traffic to your blog, Get in Instagram if it works for your niche.
  82. Strive to make your blog different from others, always.
  83. Review products and brands in your niche. In case you’ve had a fantastic experience with them and also you discuss it. Chances are the brands will recognize your efforts.
  84. Never make your blog only about yourself. Make your blog all about your readers.
  85. Blogging success isn’t instantaneous. Be persistent and keep repeating until you succeed.
  86. Start podcasting, change with the times. Turn your posts into podcasts.
  87. Spend on Stumbleupon Advertising. A minimum of $5 can get you, 100 unique visitors. Great way to build international traffic
  88. Invest in Facebook ads. A perfect way to promote your blog across a highly targeted and selective audience.
  89. Interview blogging experts and post it, make this a regular feature. Eventually one of them will return the favor.
  90. Ultimately, it is about enjoying what you do. Have fun while you blog and be passionate about it.

Your turn!

I haven’t really done all 90 steps yet, but I am getting there. What about you? Let me know in the comments section if I have missed any crucial steps to blogging success, or steps that you took to blogging success. I’ll be willing to hear your take on matters.

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