15 Basic Seo Tips For Bloggers

Have you started blogging recently? And you have problems with driving organic traffic? Are you lost when defining an SEO strategy for your blog?  If your answer to all these questions is a YES, then this post is for you. We all had these problems when we started out or are were fairly new to blogging. Don’t worry if you are struggling with it,because I was clueless about SEO when I started too. Thankfully I picked up enough working knowledge of the subject from some of the best in the blogging business and here I am sharing my 15 basic SEO tips for bloggers.

Without going into too many technicalities and SEO jargon, I have tried to keep the information simple and basic so that every tip can be easily understood and utilized effectively.

Before I outline the SEO Tips, it is necessary for you to know that having a solid SEO strategy for your on-page optimization is as important as your off-page optimization activities. Both these define and decide your search engine ranking. So, read on:

15 Basic SEO Tips For Bloggers

1.  Do not compromise on quality: 

Content is your mainstay, stick to a niche and write quality content, be consistent and write regularly.

2.  Inbound links are essential:

Strategize on building your inbound links, work with other bloggers. Write guest posts and submit to directories.

3.  Outbound links are equally essential:

New bloggers, and sometimes even experienced bloggers completely overlook the importance of outbound links. It is essential to have outbound links to authority sites from your posts. This will help your  SE credibility, but in moderation

4.  Make your content keyword rich, not keyword stuffed:

Understand the relevant keywords your audience would look for if they were to find your article or post and use them diligently. For Eg: SEO Tips for bloggers, is the focus keyword phrase for this post, and it has been defined based on what bloggers would search for on search engines.

5.  Get your title right:

Write post titles which are specific to your post and relevant to the topic. Do not write lengthy titles, keep them adequate, anywhere between 55 to 65 characters should be fine.

6.  Meta Descriptions are necessary:

Do not overlook creating proper meta descriptions, they are very important to differentiate from all the other information which is present on search engines.

7.  Long or short content?

Well, the length of your post is not important as long as the quality of content is relevant and focused in your niche. Although, detailed long posts of anywhere between 700 to 1000 words perform well from an SEO perspective.

8.  Give your domain name enough thought before you buy one:

If you can, you should choose your domain name in such a way that, it has your focus keyword. Now, as an example look at this blog- I have named it Blogger Hacks, right? why? simply because the focus of this blog is to give useful hacks to bloggers.

9.  Use search engine optimized themes:

Do not get carried away with over the top designs and themes. Your selection should be based on a theme or design being simple, search engine optimized or easily optimizable. Makes it easy for search engine to index your blog.

10.  Make sure your site loads fast:

Work towards creating a blog which has no page loading issues, Google has specific penalties for slow loading blogs and pages. Keep all your images and media compressed.

11.  Keep updating regularly:

Let’s be very clear about this. In my opinion, this is one of the most important SEO tips for bloggers. The more regularly you update your blog, the more efficiently search engines will index and identify you.

12.  Make provision for a sitemap:

Create or install a sitemap, this will help search engines crawl your blog and distinguish content properly. If you are a WordPress user, I suggest using sitemap generator plugin. I use it too.

13.  Optimize your images and video:

Not just written content, your images and videos need optimizing too. Write descriptive captions and simple alt text. Same descriptive captioning applies for videos too.

14.  Get active on social media:

Define an effective social distribution strategy for your content. Not only will social media presence drive traffic to your blog, it builds search engine authority too. Publicize on as many platforms as possible.

15.  Use these plugins if you are on WordPress:

Yoast SEO and All in one SEO plugins, are amazing tools to help you with everything related to on-page optimization. If you are on WP, get any of them. I personally use Yoast SEO!

So, these are the 15 most basic and easy SEO tips for bloggers to start working with. I will update this post regularly with more relevant tips. If you have any inputs or questions, I am here to answer them. Just leave me a comment!

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