14 Tricks To Write A Killer Blog Title!

What makes a blog title stand out? What should one do to write a killer blog title? Life would become easier if we always knew what our readers wanted, right? Of course, you can find out, with research, trends, keyword analysis so on and so forth but what is the easiest way to connect with your audience? Yes! that’s right,

just – Write A Killer Blog Title! 

So, How to write this aforementioned amazing blog title? What are the key ingredients which make a blog title a hit? Let me explain this one to you, in the simplest of the forms- by creating my signature list post! Read on folks!

Look at what others are doing –

Yes! that’s my first trick to writing a killer blog title. I do this and it has absolutely never failed me! So, begin by understanding what your competition is doing. Find out what works.

Never finalize on the first thing that comes to mind-

Many of us, including me (sometimes), tend to just go with the first title that comes to mind. Don’t do that. Begin with a functioning title, not only will this help you to move in the right direction but also gives you the opportunity to create a well-rounded title once the post is done.

Do not misinterpret-

I know we all want that one title which will go viral! but that doesn’t mean you should set wrong expectations. If you can’t follow through with content to justify your title, you will lose credibility with your readers. Accuracy is virtuous.

Keep it short-

If you really want to write a killer blog title, then you have to pay heed to this advice. Write only what is necessary. Your title should be easy to comprehend. Oh! Also, if you are looking to drive organic traffic keep it under 65 characters, else Google won’t show your complete title.

Consider social and search parameters-

Make your blog titles shareable, tweetable and searchable. Analyze the focus keywords your readers are looking for and use them wisely.

Your primary focus should be to engage-

When you are preparing to define your blog title, think about what should be the outcome when your audience reads it. Do you want the title to convey action, conspiracy or impressive? Work with these response parameters in mind. Here are some examples.

Facts and Numbers-

Use of numbers, such as this post here 15 Basic SEO Tips For Bloggers has more chances of increased social shares. Research from Backlinko says that facts and numbers in the title can increase click ratios by 36%

Withhold information-

What would intrigue readers? If the title withheld information!! for example – ” You Should not be doing this if you want your blog to make money” See, what shouldn’t I do? This is a classic case of a clickbait title. The ultimate purpose of a title is to get the reader to click and read your post! So, create titles in such a way that they will also act as clickbait!

Focus on your writing voice-

Active verbs and present tense, two pillars of getting your blog title right. Follow this copywriting method to write a killer blog title. Write in the now, and keep the subject and the object well defined in the title.

Heighten the excitement quotient-

It always helps to evoke some excitement in the mind of the reader. Please feel free to exaggerate within reason and follow it up with some amazing content. For eg- “How using list posts increased my daily blog traffic to 10000 visitors! “

Address problems effectively-

If I was a reader, and if I would come across a post titled, ” How to make 1000 dollars every day just blogging”, I will certainly open and read it. Why? Because it is solving a problem I have, by helping me make more money. Try and do that with your titles too, solve a problem for your reader.

Use title generator tools-

All said and done, sometimes we will come up with zilch. For such times, use title generator tools, I regularly use this title generator.

Ask for help and ideas-

Never shy away from brainstorming with friends and peers for title ideas. The blogging community is a very close-knit and cooperative family. You will find many bloggers who will be more than happy to help! One such helpful facebook group to brainstorm is Hellbound Bloggers , I have gained a lot of knowledge from being a part of this group. I am sure you will find it helpful too.

Perfection doesn’t exist-

Yes, we all make this mistake, we strive way to hard to appease the search engines and copywriting standards. Don’t, because you are writing for other humans and what counts is being original and unique, everything else will fall into place. Above all the tricks & tips I have mentioned here, the most important of them all is to write with passion knowing that perfection is for machines and not for humans.

To write a killer blog title you should have clarity of thought and the thirst to stand out. I hope, that these tips although not exhaustive will help you cultivate what it needs to consistently write amazing blog titles.

Go ahead! Try these tricks! and let me know how it worked! Do not hesitate to comment if you have something to add to the list! Come on! I don’t bite! I promise!

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