13 Tips to Create Fresh Content for Your Blog

What is the number one enemy to a blogger? Writer’s block! yes! we all know this and we all have been there. It is not easy to consistently come up with ideas, topics and content for a blog post every day. To create fresh content is the number one challenge!

So, How do we create fresh content all the time? How do experienced bloggers do it? Well, when I spoke to some of them and researched a bit I figured out how it is done. Quite frankly, it does help. It has helped me!

So without any further ado, let’s get on with the simple tips which can change your life as a blogger!

13 Tips To Create Fresh Content For Your Blog.

Ask your audience

Let’s say you have a few readers who are loyal to you. Why don’t you ask them what they would like to read? Simple right? Yes! it is. Go ahead ask your readers to suggest topics of their interest.

Write about your failures

I am sure we all fail at times. If you are a blogger you know this rather too well. Why don’t you go ahead and write about how you failed when you started off and how you tackled it? Will make for a good read to people and help them from committing the same mistakes as you did. Your audience will appreciate your candour.

Focus on top trends

You do know how to use Google trends don’t you? Check for top trends in your niche and write posts around it. It will help you to rank better too. Try it! It’s a wonderful way to create fresh content.

Share your secrets to success

Well, your achievements are worth sharing. Create a blog post based on it. It can inspire others.

Create a post about your inspiration

Who is that one person you admire the most? What makes you inspired? creating content around these simple things can be very endearing and makes for a good read. People will know you are human too.

Interview other bloggers and experts

When in doubt talk to the experts. One simple technique to coming with good content is to interview other bloggers and experts. Publish this to your blog and see how people will love you for it!

Scour social threads

You are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc? Well, Watch your timelines and thread. See what people are constantly speaking about. Find out and create content on these lines.

Praise be to Quora

Quora is where the intelligent people are. Follow discussions on quora which are relevant to your niche. You will be rewarded, trust me on this!

Recycle old posts

Feeling blank? Don’t be afraid, go back to your archives and recycle and update older posts which are still relevant. Remember, recycle only if you can add some value to the content which is already posted.

Curate content

You might have seen me do it on this blog. I pick and list posts from other blogs and present it to you. Well, you can do it too go ahead and compile some of the best blog posts that you have read.

Brainstorm with friends

You have some friends? who are bloggers too? I am sure you do. Talk to them, throw around some ideas and brainstorm about content that needs attention. Don’t worry the blogging community is a close knit one, and bloggers help each other out. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Review resources or tools

Now as a blogger, we have to use many online resources, be it for our writing, image creation, email campaigns or content distribution. Well, go ahead and write a review about one of these. Shed some light on your experience with a certain service or product.

Offer guest posts

Network and connect with bloggers in your niche. Invite them to guest post for your blog. Bring a new flavour and perspective to your audience.

Folks! That’s all I could think of for now. I am sure there are other amazing ideas to create fresh content for your blogs. If you know of any, do not hesitate to share it with me in the comments.

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