13 Simple Tips to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic

Twitter is a great place for marketers and bloggers. Twitter has 310 million active users and around 1.3 billion accounts. Which shows that it is a great place to connect and network with your audience and use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog or website. 54% of Twitter users have reported to have taken action after seeing a brand mentioned in a tweet. This means if your blog or website or brand is not on twitter then you are losing some valuable exposure on social media.

But, how do we harness the power of Twitter? We all have Twitter accounts, but I am sure we all find it impossible to get followers, and retweets etc.( I am struggling too, Hence this researched post!). So, here’s my list of what to do to improve the chances of leveraging twitter to drive traffic.

13 Simple Tips To Use Twitter To Drive Traffic

Create a visual tweet

Don’t make it text only! Including appealing visuals and images can help your tweet stand out. Studies show tweets with images attached get double the engagement.

Build some suspense

Try and keep your tweets engaging and filled with suspense. What I have learned is, if there is intrigue involved then people get attracted. So, don’t give out all the information in your tweet. Push your audience to find out more!

Repeat your tweets

Yes! there is no harm in tweeting your content repeatedly. Twitter updates can be easily missed on your follower’s timeline. Hence it is advisable to tweet the same content repeatedly. But make sure to vary and alter the text and image which goes with it.

Leverage you bio

Your bio is your identity on twitter. Try and keep it updated and include a call to action in the bio itself. Put a short link to your blog.

Be open to suggestion

Take a more subdued approach to how you deal with your followers.  Keep yourself open to suggestions and feedback. This will help you exactly what you need. Show interest in their problems and win trust and a loyal audience.

Engage your competition

Your long term success on Twitter is dependant on how well you are at building relationships. Share the content of your competitors on your timeline and take interaction to the next level. When your followers and second-level followers see you share relevant content from the community, they will start checking your content too.

Don’t miss the hashtag

Studies show tweets with hashtags generate double the engagement. So, use useful hashtags with your tweets. The more visibility you generate, the more clicks you will get. One of the easiest ways to use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog.

Don’t be a bot

You want people to engage with you, then you need to stay human. Don’t just automate your tweets. Share your insights, humour and content. Talk to your audience. This will develop your credibility and build trust.

Use quotes

Twitter probably is one of the best places to take thought provoking quotes and make your own. Use them in your tweets along with your content. This will help you leverage your content by quoting experts and thought leaders.

Use your content to solve issues

Twitter is a place filled with questions. Find updates from your niche, see who is asking questions and answer these if you can with your content.

Look for followers

Instead of waiting for your followers to come to you, I think it’s best to find your followers yourself. Do a twitter search to find out tweeters and bloggers with same interests and follow them and ask them to follow you back. More followers; more visibility for what you tweet.

Harness direct messages

Send an automated DM with a link to your blog or a certain post to anyone who follows you. This will give you an opportunity to engage your audience from the word go.

Don’t hesitate to use promoted tweets

Well, we all know it is very difficult to have a large following. So, don’t hesitate to buy influence if it is possible. Twitter has some cool promoted tweets options which you can try out and position yourself in front of millions of people who are your prospective audience.

Keep in mind! these tips won’t work over night! You have to consistently keep following them and implementing them!

Hope to hear from you if these tips helped you use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog! I will update you all with how it works for me!

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