Why You Should Start Blogging In 2017?

Start blogging

Have you been contemplating about blogging? I know blogging has become quite popular these days and you must be thinking you want to do it too?

Are you unsure about why you should start blogging? No sure of the reasons yet?

Well, every one of us who are bloggers today had this question. It is common to be apprehensive and unsure when you are thinking of something new. To start blogging can be overwhelming at times if you have not completely understood why you should really blog.

Okay, so I have been a full-time blogger since an year now, I was a part-time blogger for almost 7 years before I went mainstream. So, I am going to try and explain why you should start blogging in the simplest of the terms. I am doing this assuming you are reading this because you want to start blogging.

Why You Should Start Blogging In 2017?

The best form of expression

Yes! Blogging is the best platform you can find to express yourself and share your thoughts with everyone. Do you have something to say about the current state of affairs? Do you want to share your opinion about the service enjoyed at the restaurant recently? Are you fed up of being over shadowed by others in a debate? Well, you could talk freely, say what you want and without any interruptions when you blog. So, for many, a blog can become the ideal form of being heard.

You share and you learn

Blogging is a great place to share your knowledge, it can be about your profession or your hobby or something that you are passionate about. While doing this, you will also constantly learn about it new things about what interests you, because you will have this constant urge to develop your own knowledge to share further. Blogging can be a win win situation for you, you are gaining knowledge while sharing it with anyone who is interested. Wonderful isn’t it?

Gives you an opportunity to help

You know why some bloggers are really popular? Because they help others overcome challenges. Doesn’t matter what niche or what topic you blog about, you can still go ahead and start making a difference for others. You can use your expertise to start adding value to your reader’s life, profession or lifestyle. I think this is a great reason to start blogging.

Connect with your peers and gain their respect

Once you start blogging you will start connecting with like-minded people. People who share your interests and people who share your passion. You will end up making connections from around the globe who share your beliefs and ideals. By blogging, you will start gaining an audience who will love your thoughts and knowledge!

Improve your credibility in your chosen domain

As a blogger, you can benchmark yourself as an expert in your chosen topic or niche. This will, give you mileage as an industry expert, which might lead to many opportunities for you. You might start get speaking engagements, consulting opportunities etc. So, blogging can establish you as a domain expert and improve your online credibility to a great degree.

Effectively market and promote a service or a product

Once you have established yourself as a blogger of repute, your blog can become the medium for you to market or promote a product or a service to your audience. This can be an e-book you have written or a service such as imparting a course about what you know. Starting a blog and becoming good at it will open doors for you to sell yourself to a receptive audience who will be ready to pay for your products or services.

Great way to make money

Your blog can become a great tool for you to make money online. Blogging can very well, become a good source of income for you. With the right kind of traffic and with the right audience, you could make money from various options such as ad networks, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, paid reviews etc. How much money you make will solely depend on your ability to market yourself and promote your blog. But, there is a great potential for making money by starting a blog.

You get better at writing

Blogging involves writing, and consistent blogging goes on to improve your writing skills. Better writing skills will help you communicate better, present better and reach out to people better. This is one of the core benefits of blogging, it gives you scope to improve your own writing skills. Becoming a good writer has its advantages, you can create better e-books, better emails and better copy which can sell.

It’s mostly free and will need no experience

Most jobs that you want to start, need experience. But when it comes to blogging you don’t really need any skills or experience. Also, to start a blog can be completely free, you could choose any of the free blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or Medium. However, if you want to start blogging professionally, I recommend you start a self-hosted WordPress blog, this helps you to establish yourself as a serious blogger. But, that’s your choice to make. When I started blogging, I chose the free platforms and stuck with them for a long time.

You will be free from the 9 to 5 life

If you choose to become a professional blogger then the biggest advantage is to live the internet lifestyle. You won’t have to live the bonded corporate lifestyle. You can blog from home, or from Antarctica. You could blog in the day or at night. You will have the kind of freedom that very few people have. And all this while you can make money too! Now, that’s amazing, isn’t it? This is one of the biggest advantages of blogging, So if you are on the fence when it comes to blogging, this should be a good reason for you to decide to start blogging.

Your legacy will live forever!

Now, imagine this! Your word will remain forever on the world wide web, even after you are gone! And did you have to be the president or the pope? No, all you had to do was blog. Well, this is a hypothetical situation, assuming that Google will remain forever, but the chances of creating something which will survive for ages is a good reason to start blogging. After all, it is nice to assume that your thoughts will be seen by the future generations.

Inspire others

Believe it or not, I started blogging because I saw some other fellow bloggers who were really killing it back then. I wanted to be like them. I was inspired. If you blog, you could be someone’s inspiration too wouldn’t that be just amazing! You could be a teenager or a school going individual with a blog you will have the ability to inspire others. Think about it, blogging is worth a shot.


Well, blogging can be fun, fulfilling and a release for your creative instincts. Blogging can add a lot of value to your own personal life by building your confidence, your vision and your way of life. But, you can get there only through perseverance, hard work and focus. In the end, if you want to start blogging, it is a great thing to do. And 2017 is the year you could start.

Go on give blogging your best shot! If you have any doubts you can write to me via the comments. Also, don’t forget to share, maybe this will inspire someone to start blogging.

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