Top 9 Forums To Increase Blogging Engagement

increase blogging engagement

Blogging can be fun! we all agree with that one. Blog marketing is fun; said no one ever.

Many of us are good writers, many of us have the gift of the gab, the experience and the expertise to write a wonderful blog. But a successful blogger is one who can market his blog better, reach his audience faster and cater to the needs of his readers.

In that endeavour, forum marketing is one of the key factors in building a reputation for yourself as a valuable blogger and marketing your blog as a great platform for learning. Forums can be amazing places to increase blogging engagement, find new readers and network with like minded individuals.

Here, I bring to you my pick of the best internet marketing, SEO and blogging forums to increase engagement. I have been on these platforms for a while and  I have found them extremely useful in learning as well as sharing my expertise.

Top 9 Forums To Increase Blogging Engagement

#1. ShoutMeLoud Forum

The most active and happening forum for all Indian bloggers. A great place to engage with other enterprising bloggers from India, learn and share. Very valuable to any new blogger and if you want to build your credibility in the Indian blogosphere this is where you need to be. Join the forum

#2. WarriorForum

I think by far the most versatile forum for the global blogging community.It’s absolutely free and if internet marketing and affiliate marketing is your thing then you need to be on this forum. There are some amazing informative and engaging threads happening on this forum right now. You gotta check it out! Join the forum

#3. BlackHatWorld

Predominantly an SEO forum, This platform has picked up quite well from being just an SEO knowledge base to a one-stop destination for all things blogging, internet marketing, content tips and affiliate marketing. There are loads of SEO experts here to help you with your queries and they are all very proactive, which I really like about this place. Keep engaging here on a regular basis and you can increase blogging engagement. Join the forum

#4. MyBlogGuest

We all know how important guest blogging is for a blog’s success and a blogger’s credibility. Guest blogging is one activity which puts you on the map and helps you get loads of traffic, high-quality backlinks. This forum is just the place for that. If you want some guest bloggers to contribute to your blog, or if you want to guest post this is the place you can pick and choose in. I recommend this forum for all upcoming bloggers. Join the forum

#5. High Rankings

Alright, so they focus on SEO again, but I still recommend this place because you can be a first timer, but they wil still take you seriously. SEO tips and techniques are the most happening thread here. Well, helps to learn from multiple sources right? So go and, Join the forum

#6. Money Maker Discussion

Yea, the name says it all. If you want to learn how to consistently make money from your blog, well this is the place you need to sign up on. And if you want to share your insights on making money, well where else can you share? but right on this platform. Engage and learn how to make money blogging and increase blogging engagement. Do it both at the same time. Join the forum

#7. 24×7 Forum

Now, this is a well-rounded forum about blogging, WordPress, SEO, internet marketing, affiliate marketing and everything in between. This place is quite resourceful and is a great learning platform, although there are not too many people here. Join the forum

#8. Digital Point

If digital marketing is your forte or your shortcoming, go and register on this forum. It’s all bout digital marketing and related stuff here. I have not used this forum for a long time, but it is has been okay so far. Join the forum

#9. Affilorama

Get motivated to become a better affiliate marketer, hang out with some of the best affiliate marketing professionals. This forum can make the difference for your affiliate marketing knowledge. Join this forum

That’s all folks!

Remember my friends, forums are not only good to increase blogging engagement, but they are also beneficial in improving your online reputation, increasing traffic and building links. So sign up for these forums and start doing it today. If you have used forums which I have not mentioned here and if they have helped you, do let me know in the comments.




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