Top 8 Indian Blogs To Follow And Learn From!

Indian Blogs to follow

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Now, getting down to business. You might have thought, how do I learn what I learn about blogging, Affiliate marketing, traffic generation etc. It’s pretty simple and I will let you in on the secret today.

My method is simple, I research, I read and I implement. While I have been at it I have realised that some of my Indian brothers who blog are the best in the business. In this post, I will reveal my Top 8 pick of Indian blogs to follow. These blogs and bloggers behind it have been instrumental in my growth as a blogger and I wholeheartedly recommend them to you. Bookmark them, follow them and consume the knowledge that they share. You will become a successful blogger if you follow the basics right.

Top 8 Indian Blogs To Follow!

#1 ShoutMeLoudHarsh Agarwal

In the Indian context, Harsh Agarwal is the pioneer of modern day blogging and ShoutMeLoud is your answer to absolutely anything that has to do with blogging. As Harsh himself says on his about page, an unassuming guy who is an engineer from Delhi starts his blog in 2008 and today has a following of close to a million people.

A million followers can’t be wrong? can they? ShoutMeLoud for me has become a pillar of information and knowledge. A forum for everyone who wants to embrace an internet lifestyle. Despite his busy schedule, Harsh is always available for anyone who wants a word of advice. He has been kind enough to personally advise me on my affiliate queries too on his amazing ShoutMeLoud Forum.

#2 Hellbound BloggersPradeep Kumar

If you are on Facebook and if you are from India, it is hard to miss Pradeep. He is one of the nicest guys I have known for years now. Ever approachable, simple and always ready to share information with us fellow bloggers. I have personally pestered him on more than one occasion with my mundane doubts and queries and he has always patiently responded to me with his genuine suggestions. For me or anyone Hellbound Bloggers, is a place of learning, with humongous information about aspects such as SEO, E-commerce, web hosting. This platform is a must for every blogger who is either starting out and wants to stay updated.

As Pradeep himself states, the blog was started in 2009 when he was just 17 years old. Now Hellbound Bloggers is one of the entities he runs under his Slashsquare Media Pvt Ltd. He has spread his influence across many niches over the years and is a force to reckon with when it comes to blogging in India.

#3 BloggingcageKulwant Nagi

You are missing out on the art of money making if you aren’t following Kulwant’s Bloggingcage. In my personal opinion, his blog is a treasure trove of information, tips and tricks on how to make money blogging. He has some amazing posts on how to leverage affiliate marketing to move to the next level.

Kulwant started Bloggingcage way back in 2012, and he has been progressing ever since then. Take a look at his About page for how he happened to start this amazing blog. Kulwant has an inimitable style which makes his different from others. He is extremely social and can be reached at his Facebook account most often. He runs one of the best Indian blogs to follow in current times.

#4 Digital InspirationAmit Agarwal

Okay! I call Amit Agarwal the ” Father of Indian Blogging“. He went mainstream in 2004 and became the first professional blogger of India,  by virtue of which he pioneered the blogging trend in India. Although his blog is primarily technical one, I consider his Digital inspiration to be a one-stop answer to some of the important questions which arise in a tech bloggers mind.

He has been very influential is spreading the culture of blogging through his India Blog School and also is the curator of the popular Indian blogs directory India Blogs. He is an inspiration to every budding blogger in India.

#5 BloggersideasJitendra Vaswani

When we are talking about top Indian blogs to follow, we can’t overlook Jitu’s Bloggersideas! Simply because he is one of the most visible and happening bloggers India has right now. He is a flamboyant presence in the Indian blogging scene which he entered in 2012. His expertise and footprint spread across many facets of the digital marketing industry. From speaking at events to nurturing social media strategies for start-ups, Jitu as he fondly addressed has created a mark for himself.

In my opinion, Bloggersideas offers a wealth of information on all the integral facets of Blogging and blogging strategies. You can learn some amazing techniques about how to growth hack your blog and create a winning affiliate marketing strategy.

#6 BloggersPassionAnil Agarwal

Started 2010, BloggersPassion has been around for a while. This is one of my quick reference points for anything that has to do with blogging tips and affiliate marketing strategies. I love this blog also because it is updated regularly and always discusses current trends and challenges.

My interaction with Anil has been limited, except for a couple of comment replies I got, but I hold him in high regard for the kind of information he shares with his readers. If you are not following this blog, you are missing out on a lot. Do it now.

#7 BloggerTipsTricksAnkit Singla

I started effectively blogging in 2016 and one of the blogs which encouraged me to blog was BloggerTipsTricks. Before I started blogging I started reading various blogs about the usual topics relevant to the blogging niche. The one blog which stood out with the amount of critical information it shared was BloggerTipsTricks.

I have learned a lot from the simple tips and tricks Ankit shares on his blog and I have been a fan of his blog. I don’t have any personal experiences with Ankit, but I deduce he is a very versatile blogger. Also, I would like to thank him for starting his blog on Feb 13th, which happens to be my birthday! 🙂 . So, yea I have an emotional connect with his blog too! But folks, bookmark his blog because his posts are just amazing all year round.

#8 SEO SirenSatish Kumar

It will be a gross injustice if I overlook SEO siren, which is Satish’s blog. I mean, here’s one blog which fulfils every blogger’s need for understanding search engine optimisation better. And, we all know how important SEO is for a blog’s success. This fabulous blog covers every aspect of optimisation that you will ever want to know.

The person behind this SEO knowledge reserve is a man whom I have come to respect and love for his simplicity, endearment and intelligence. I have known Satish for a few years now via Facebook. Every question I had Satish had the perfect answer. Hence, all you bloggers who are struggling with your SEO strategies and social media strategies, head over to SEO Siren now.

This is my take on the Top Indian blogs to follow. I am sure, everyone will have a different take. If you have had a great experience with an Indian blogger I have not mentioned here, then please feel free to let me know in the comments. I will be more than happy to give them a shout out if I find their blog amazing too.

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  1. A nice list of blogs . I am a regular visitor of almost all.
    Harsh Aggarwal and Kulwant Nagi is my ideal and i have decided to do full time blogging.
    Good collation of information that will motivate you to do more in the blogging world. My name is Pavitra From BligDada (dot) com.
    I’m big fan of all these bloggers that you noticed in above content. Love to write about new things on blogging and I read new techniques everyday from top bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 Happy Blogging 🙂

    • Thanks for the nice comment! yes, Harsh and Kulwant are great bloggers to follow and learn from. Good luck with your blogging journey, keep coming back for more information.

  2. it seems a great list of top bloggers. I also follow some of them since years. Hope to learn a lot together

    • I am glad you find the list useful and it is great to know that you follow some of them. Yes, they are a bunch of wonderful bloggers from whom we can learn a lot! thanks for the comment.

  3. This is really Good information.. helpful

  4. iam looking for type of articles from many days i found your website.thanks for posting it. its very useful article to everyone


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