Top 12 Influencer Blogs To Follow In 2017

Blogs to follow in 2017

Building a blog or a solid online business can be an uphill task. Sometimes we feel out of our depths. The internet world is ripe with opportunities and many internet entrepreneurs and bloggers like you and I fail to capitalise on the offerings. We won’t know what to do, where to start and which blogs to follow.

I have tried to help you with this. These influencers in the internet world have created a niche for themselves. They deliver content which is filled with their experience and expertise. If you want to be successful these are the people to learn from and these are the blogs to follow in 2017

Top 12 Influencer Blogs To Follow In 2017

Influencer #1: Neil Patel

Do you want to create better content, drive traffic to your blog? Or just learn how to blog the right way? Neil is our man! He blogs at Quicksprout and and these are places you will find a wealth of information about everything that you need to learn about blogging. He is my number one must follow blog for 2017.

Influencer #2: Harsh Agarwal

Yes! Harsh is a league apart, I think a majority of us Indian bloggers started blogging thanks to him. His success as a full-time blogger is inspiring, to say the least. He blogs at his community blog ShoutMeLoud, which has been a blogging bible for us Indians. One of the top blogs to follow in 2017 if you aren’t already doing so.

Influencer #3: Brian Clark

You all must have referred Copyblogger? Well, he is the man behind the successful blog. If you want to progress your internet marketing skills and SEO techniques this is where you can learn it. For me, Copyblogger is a one stop blog for knowledge gathering on all aspects of blogging

Influencer #4: Gary Vaynerchuk

Alright, he might not be a typical blogger. But you need to follow Gary if you want to learn how to engage your audience and entice a new audience. Head to his personal blog and find out how to scale to the A-League. A 100% must in the blogs to follow in 2017 list.

Influencer #5: Darren Rowse

Problogger is, in essence, the first blog to become popular. It’s been around since 2004 and is a well-rounded blog for anyone who needs help on a daily basis.

Influencer #6: Jeremy Schoemaker

If you want to learn anything about affiliate marketing or online marketing then the buck stops here. Don’t waste time and follow his to keep track of what he is up to and be constantly updated with knowledge.

Influencer #7: John Lee Dumas

Podcasting is the new fad, it complements your blogging efforts. Although I have not explored podcasting yet, I am keen on understanding the opportunities it offers. John Lee Dumas is the god of making money via podcasting. Put him on your list of blogs to follow in 2017.

Influencer #8: John Chow

If you want to learn how to monetize your blog. Then John Chow is the man you need. John’s Blog is the place to understand the complete process of how to monetize and leverage your personal brand to make big bucks. I totally dig his posts! and I read his blog regularly. You should too.

Influencer #9: Sue B. Zimmerman

Social media is a very important aspect of blog promotions. And Sue’s Blog is the right platform for you to learn all about using social media to scale your blog’s reach. I consider this blog as a top follow for the year. Special focus on Instagram.

Influencer #10: Syed Balkhi

WordPress is the foundation of blogging. 27% of all blogs/websites in the world right now are on WordPress. Syed’s WPBeginner blog is the final destination for learning everything that is there about WordPress. His blog is my reference point for all things WordPress and WordPress Plugins. Put him on your blogs to follow in 2017 list.

Influencer #11: Zac Johnson

Zac is a personal favourite because he is a benchmark for everything that’s gotta do with blogging, affiliate marketing etc. I like him because of what he believes in, I quote him “Enjoy what you do and the money will follow.” Follow him guys he will help your blogging journey immensely.

Influencer #12: Charles Ngo

He is considered the current No.1 Affiliate marketer across the world. You have to follow his blog if you want to become the best at affiliate marketing and running your own online business. You get to learn everything from e-commerce to online business techniques on his blog. Put it on your reading list now!

So, folks, this is my blogs to follow in 2017. I hope you will take my opinion seriously and put all of these great blogs on your reading list. I am sure these blogs will help you in your blogging endeavours.

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