Monday Motivation: 10 Blogs Which Help Bloggers Stay Motivated!

Blogs which help bloggers

Hello! fellow bloggers!

It’s Monday! A new week a new day a new start. Let’s make it happen?

Okay! So have you ever felt lost? Perplexed? and a question keeps lingering at the back of your mind?

” How to keep myself constantly motivated?”

If yes, then don’t worry you are not alone. As bloggers, it becomes difficult to stay focused and motivated all the time because there are so many aspects of being a good blogger. Not only are we supposed to consistently deliver good content but also focus on building an audience, making money etc.

But, I know how to cope with this and it is simple, all I do is look for other bloggers and find blogs which help bloggers beat the blues. Yes!! When in doubt look to the experts! Hear them tell you how to do it! It makes things easier to understand.

Here, I have put together a list of motivational posts from some amazing bloggers who are passionate about writing blogs which help bloggers excel and stay motivated. These blogs will inspire you, help your personal growth and self-development. I keep going back to these posts and blogs to rejuvenate myself with new vigor and a new focus. So, here goes..

Blogs Which Help Bloggers Excel

  1. Addicted2Success – This is a wonderful blog to follow because it covers self-development posts which will help you become a better entrepreneur overcome any circumstance to achieve success.
  2. MotivationGrid – The name says it all! I keep going back here for motivation. The blog is a platform for mind blowing and actionable content, from blogging to better living.
  3. Get Motivation – One more amazing blog about success stories, motivation and being confident in life. Very inspiring articles to read and constantly improve yourself with this blog.
  4. Tiny Buddha – Do you want to be happy? If your answer is yes then this is the blog for you. Tiny Buddha is a great place fo simple wisdom on all aspects of life and to learn new ways to make your life better as a blogger and as a person.
  5. The Utopian Life – Do you want to think better and live better? Well, then this is the right place for you to be. You won’t stay down at all if you follow this blog!
  6. I Need Motivation – Yes! If you need motivation, then you need this blog! I read this blog often to keep myself informed about personal growth and self development.
  7. Planet Of Success – One more useful blog to put you on the path of personal development and staying motivated. This has some inspiring stories of some amazing individuals which can help you define yourself.
  8. Everyday Power – This blog is all about becoming a better person. It helps you evolve into a better version of you.
  9. Life Hack – Quite a famous blog about self-development and motivation. I just chanced upon this recently and I have to check it out. But it is highly recommended, hence I am sharing it with you all.
  10. Fearless Motivation – The last one in the list is actually my favorite motivational blog. This place is a hub for some fantastic videos of motivational speeches. You have to check it out!

Bonus Post – Despite the fact this post is almost 3 years old, it still remains relevant to bloggers and how they can become better at what they do. Written by Heidi Cohen, who doesn’t need any introduction, this post will round up my Monday motivation series about Blogs which help bloggers stay focused and motivated.

So, Go out there and become a better YOU!


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