10 Get Paid To Blog & Write Opportunities!

Get Paid To Blog!

I started blogging fairly recently. Ever since I did I have been researching for avenues to monetize my blogging and writing skills. I wanted to know if I could get paid to blog and write. I wanted to figure out if other than monetizing our own blogs, could we get paid to blog or write for others?

Well, thankfully we can! In this post, I will cover some of the best blogs and websites that are around which pay people like you and me to write for them and blog for them! Isn’t that really cool?!

10 Get Paid To Blog and Write Opportunities

  1. ListVerse –  Wonderful place to start blogging and writing for money. A simple platform, General requirement is to deliver at least 1500 words and you get paid to blog or write. If they publish your article you get $100 via PayPal.
  2. SitePoint – Do you have technical writing skills? are you an avid Tech Blogger? well, this is where you can make some extra bucks. From HTML to SaSS, if you know how to deliver articles and tutorials for these domains you could end up making $150 to $200 respectively for every article or tutorial that gets accepted.
  3. TakeLessons – As the name suggests it’s an education platform. This website provides education writers and bloggers an opportunity to contribute to their knowledge base at $50 per article.
  4. Money Crashers – Finance is your forte? You blog about money matters? Well, why waste your talents? Get paid to blog or write about money at Money Crashers! Payouts are scalable based on your expertise and they have amazing incentivisation too.
  5. Income Diary – This is a bloggers paradise! A place where blogging, making money with a blog and other such topics are discussed and posted. So, if you are a true blue blogger, who wants to get paid to blog then you go right here. Payouts are quality based. The better you are, higher your pay!
  6. Today I Found out – A decent platform which talks about general knowledge, trivia etc. So, if you can manage to write stuff relevant to these niches, you can send them your work and they will get back to you if your work is approved. Well, but I guess they pay you what they feel like. So don’t hold me responsible for that.
  7. The Diplomat – Do you have the journalist bug in you? Well, if you do then go right ahead and write for this Asia-focused news portal. The pay depends on your submission and the editor’s discretion. So you better be good!
  8. International Living – Travel bloggers, this is for you! Personally, I have seen so many of you guys go gung-ho over travel. Well, if you want to make a buck doing what you like then knock yourself out on this travel website. Payouts – Purely quality centric. That means ” If you suck you won’t make a buck”
  9. WhatCulture – It’s all about gaming, sports, films, and TV. So do you like to write about entertainment stuff? Get in touch with these guys. You could get paid to blog or write for them based on the number of views your accepted article receives. Minimum payout .50 pence for every 1000 views.
  10. Cracked – Light hearted entertainment information platform. If you can come up with witty and humorous posts, you write for these guys. Payout if the editor likes what you write.

In conclusion, we have to understand that monetizing our own blogs is not the only way to make money blogging but you stand to get paid to blog for others too.

Remember, all the information listed here might change over time, Don’t hold me responsible if any of these mentioned platforms change their policies or requirements.



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