Why Cloud Hosting Is Better Than Shared Hosting?

Cloud Hosting

The organisation has a broad range of choices available to them when it appears to host their website. Often I had confusion that which is the best choice? Cloud or shared! Well, cloud hosting as a service has been increasing significantly over current years as several companies accepting these services as a policy to store all data and websites. But my question remains the same that is Cloud hosting better than shared hosting?

Let’s have a look at these terms:–

I know that shared hosting is the most popular hosting solution that can go with even the tight budget. Using shared hosting solution means that user has to share the server resources with another user. Like, if I’m hosting my website with shared hosting service, my all applications and data resources being used by my account with many other users on one server. My website will share the same sources as all other websites on the same server such as CPU, disk space, bandwidth, memory etc. All servers running on shared hosting accounts are totally loaded. All users will suffer from low-speed memory issues and limited disk space if one website overloads the server.

On the other hand, I do not have to worry about all these issues as I have cloud hosting. For me, cloud hosting environment is similar to dedicated hosting that allows me to manage and maintain my website within a server that owns alone by me.

This means that all the resources of the slice of the server are available for me alone.

Let us take a trip to comparison between cloud and shared hosting–

From my point of view, these terms have many things common that are able to judge their differences.

  1. Both are economic in nature. So biggest difference is that cloud it uses a group of servers termed “clouds”, whereas shared hosting uses one server. Generally shared hosting is cheaper than cloud hosting, but cloud hosting is reliable and good in terms of performance, also we get many options.
  2. We get a wide range of technologies, web tools along with cPanel in cloud hosting, but with shared hosting, we get only cPanel and limited web tools.
  3. In the cloud, traffic is handled easily by the server and in the case of heavy traffic, resources can be managed, in the case of shared hosting, your website may go down when not able to control traffic.

Which is more suitable among both?

I prefer that cloud hosting is more suitable as it provides good performance even when your server goes down as the data is mirrored on three different servers. Also, there is an option to increase additional resources if required and thus you doesn’t have to face any loss.

Cloud hosting is a better option because it is reliable and you will never have any downtime. Also if someone from your own server uses more resources, you won’t have to face any issues with performance because you are allotted a specified amount of resources at the time of buying hosting.

Since the data is mirrored to three other servers, your website never meets a downtime in case of any physical server failure because the data will be fetched from other servers. You can even try fastcomet hosting as it’s the best in terms of performance.

Your website will be highly secured because cloud network is highly secure and uses Linux as the operating system.

In case of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most basic type of hosting. Usually, you get a small slice of just one server and Obviously, the other slices are used by other webmasters so if any of the websites which are hosted on your physical server starts using more resources, you will have face issues with performance.

Another issue with shared hosting is that it is not at all reliable. If the physical server met with a failure, your website will have to face the downtime.

Cloud Hosting is Scalable

When it comes to cloud hosting, you get a slice from a vast network of servers which makes the resources almost unlimited. If your website is big and it has the capability to bring a huge amount of visitors, you can easily scale the resources of your website. Most of the cloud hosting providers provide cPanel to their customers and this cPanel helps the webmasters in managing their website.

You can use the features provided within the cPanel in order to scale the resources of your server. So when you have a huge amount of visitors you can increase the amount of RAM, CPU, Bandwidth and others things so that your server can handle the flood. Fastcomet is the best in terms of performance. You can go through the complete review below.

You won’t get this benefit when you use shared hosting. Most of the hosting providers don’t reveal the specs of your slice because they provide a very small amount of CPU and RAM.


When it comes to hosting I always prefer to use cloud hosting because it’s reliable, scalable, secure and good in performance. Price wise, it comes almost the same as shared hosting.

About The Author:

Sourabh Verma

Sourabh is an Engineer by education and has been writing blogs for 3+ years. He loves experimenting things and thus he has launched a blog called Techmozz, where you can check all his latest experiments.

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