Blogging Motivation- Best Expert Posts Of April 2016

Blogging Motivation

Everyone, be it you or me, we need constant motivation. Sometimes, we tend to give up too easily. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. I, for instance, draw all my motivation and information from these amazing experts I have mentioned in this post. They keep me going, their work in the blogging domain is my primary source of Blogging motivation. Not only do they impart such fantastic knowledge, but they are also live examples of how to make things happen and how to be persistent.

In this post of Blogging Motivation, I bring to you selected posts by these amazing individuals, who have changed my life and my perspective about blogging.

Expert Post # 1

The advanced guide to custom content marketing – By Neil Patel. Neil is one individual who is a fantastic human being first and everything else next. He is always eager to help people and shares his expertise in the content marketing and blogging domain. I would say, Neil remains my biggest Blogging Motivation till date. Read his blog to stay inspired and informed.

Expert Post # 2

Why Indian Bloggers are lagging behind other pro-bloggers – By Kulwant Nagi. I have known Kulwant on Facebook for quite some time now and I have followed his meteoric rise in the Indian blogging space. An astute individual with a fantastic knowledge of affiliate marketing and monetization. I highly recommend if you don’t follow his blog, you should start now.

Expert Post # 3

The Great Big Blogging Q&A: Over 100 Common Questions AnsweredRamsay Taplin. Have you heard of this amazing, amazing blogger? If not, read this post and then his blog. He taught me to see things in a new perspective with his intelligent insights. Worth following and learning from.

Expert Post # 4

If You Think Your Idea Is Stupid, You Might Be Making An Idiot Of Yourself Harsh Agarwal. By far one of the pioneering bloggers of India, he is a constant source of inspiration and blogging motivation to me. I diligently read his blog and learn quite a bit from his observations. Check his wonderful blog here if you aren’t reading it already Shoutmeloud.

The point I intend to make here is, these are people just like you and me, but they are only different in the way they approach life and approach blogging. For me, they are examples of what you and I can be if we apply ourselves to the task at hand. But for now, they are blogging experts from whom I learn every day of my life.

Are these amazing individuals your blogging motivation too? Or are there others out there who are as phenomenal as these wonderful individuals. Do let me know your thoughts.

Until next time, stay blessed and stay focused!


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