5 Reasons For Which You Should Never Quit Blogging

Never Quit Blogging

Blogging is not only sharing your thoughts and knowledge to the audience. More than that, it is like a journey in which you learn everything step by step. No doubt, blogging is very addictive and adventurous. But sooner or later a point comes in your career as a blogger when he/she wants to quit blogging. In this post, I am going to tell why you should never quit blogging because of these reasons.

5 Reasons For Which You Should Never Quit Blogging

#1.Content copied by content thief

Not only honest people are involved in the game of blogging. There are many people who just want an easy way out and copy other’s post. They usually target new bloggers having unique and well-written content.

If you are facing the same issue and want to quit blogging, there is still hope for you. I can relate how it feels when your posts are copied and rank higher than original. Nothing can be worse than when you realize someone else just gets all the success after copying your hard work. Really, content theft is the most horrible experience for a blogger.

When you find your post on a thief’s blog, don’t hesitate to personally contact him/her. Try to find contact details like email or WhatsApp number. Then ask him/her politely to remove your content.

If it does not work you can submit DMCA complaint to google. Harsh from ShoutMeLoud has written a great post on how to report plagiarised content to google for copyright violation. Additionally, you should either turn off blog feed or make it short from settings. You can also use anti copy-paste plug-in/script to avoid content theft.

Now google is smart enough to differentiate original and copied content. So, a copy-paste blogger will never succeed. That’s why I recommend you to have patience and continue blogging. Don’t deviate from your goal because of such nonsense activities.

#2.Lack of quality content

If you have recently started blogging, you may face disappointing comments from your friends or relatives. They may say that you are wasting your time or you can’t write quality content. But you should remember that every blogger goes through this phase in the beginning. No one is perfect from his very first post.

Many new bloggers face the same problem that they can’t find new ideas. Or if they have ideas then they can’t present it in an effective way. The best method to cope up with this situation is reading. Read other nice blogs in your niche regularly. It will surely help you to improve your writing skills. Additionally, you can try following your niche on Google trends to find latest ideas for content. If you are habitual of grammatical mistakes like me, try tools like Grammarly.

Always remember that content is king which can’t be compromised. Hence with time, you have to learn how to write an attractive post. But I request you to never copy others content to approve your Adsense account or rank higher. Otherwise, it may lead you to legal copyright issues.

#3.Adsense account banned or disapproved

Google’s Adsense is one of best options for blog monetization. It is not easy to get approved even if your blog meets all requirements. Usually, Adsense does not accept brand new blogs with insufficient content. But in the excitement of starting, many newbie bloggers try for it and lose their spirit. I had also committed a same mistake at the beginning. Fortunately, I recovered myself to concentrate again on the progress of my blog.

Getting banned from Adsense is easier than getting approved. Google may suspend your account anytime if your blog does not follow their terms and conditions. Even many progressive bloggers quit blogging because their Adsense account gets suspended.

You should remember that Adsense is not the end of the world. If you are going to quit blogging because your blog is not approved or banned from Adsense, I recommend you to try affiliate marketing at least once. At the beginning, it may seem difficult. But believe me, it may prove even better and more profitable than Adsense.

#4.Don’t have custom domain

Yes, I know that many professional bloggers will not agree with this point. But I thought it is necessary to mention it here.

It is true that custom domain is necessary to show your seriousness for blogging, to gain the trust of visitors and also from SEO point of view. But every new blogger does not have sufficient funds or resources to pay for hosting and custom domain. Some of them are still students who don’t  want to take the risk of failure.

New bloggers get depressed by reading lot of bad things about free WordPress or BlogSpot subdomain. Gradually they start losing their interest in blogging and ultimately quit. If you are also going to quit blogging because of this, stop and think one more time. If you continue blogging you could learn how to write a nice post, or how it feels when you see your first comment. If you quit now, you are surely going to miss all this.

ShoutMeLoud was itself started on free Blogspot platform and now it is inspiring bloggers all over the world. Even Harsh himself agrees that he had to borrow a credit card to pay for the custom domain. No doubt, you need to invest something in blogging to gain something. If you can’t invest anything, at least you can learn something. In short, lack of resources for custom domain or hosting is not a valid reason to give up blogging.

#5.Alexa Rank and Less Traffic

The most common reason because of which bloggers quit blogging is the lack of audience. They start realizing that they are talking to themselves.

Getting traffic is not as difficult as it looks provided that you have unique and interesting content. All you need is little luck and search engine optimisation (SEO).In my opinion, SEO is nothing but a simple set of rules which search engines use to evaluate the quality of content. It helps search engine to understand how much your content is useful for visitors.

Other than just focusing on SEO, You must add email subscription option in your blog from the first day of your blogging. You should also use social media for traffic. Social shares matter a lot to rank higher in search results. Never feel de-motivated with your Alexa rank. You can use Alexa rank or Moz-rank as a confidence booster. But remember that they are not always perfectly accurate.

Punctuality is a must to be successful at blogging. Here punctuality does not refer only to blogging. You need to be punctual in your daily routine. For instance, if you are still a student, manage time and allocate enough time to blogging, studies and other activities which are important. So manage time to be successful in blogging and never quit blogging because of these reasons. If you still want to quit blogging, I would suggest you read a nice post on things to do when you want to quit blogging.

So are you still going to quit blogging? What inspires you or motivates you for blogging? Have you ever thought to quit blogging? Shout freely in the comment section.

About The Author

Author Bio: Rishi Tiwari is a student by the day, blogger by night, programmer on the weekends and gamer in vacations. He is a tech geek from India. You can find him blogging at Tech blog Instatrick or follow him on Twitter at Twitter @recrishi.

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  1. Nice post Rishi Tiwari. Today I was thinking to quit blogging but your post inspired me to be back at blogging. Thanks your awesome post bro.

  2. amazing post! I always felt somehow when beginners tend to quit blogging especially because of Google Adsense, it is nauseating. I always asked many of them, are you working for Adsense or for your self convinience. the worse part is if you ask many beginner why they chose to be a blogger, they often said because they want to become their own boss, but the theory is not clear, the moment you rely too much on Ads service company like Adsense, you are no longer your own boss.

    moreover, it is always stated clearly by many famous bloggers that, affiliates perform far better than adsense, most of all, you can get banned by Adsense anytime but get decent income by affiliates any time.

    please guys, work for who you want to be but not for somebody I’m thirsty of earning much more from my blog more than every body here. LOl
    Abdulrazaq Olatunji recently posted…6 Online Payment Alternatives To PaypalMy Profile

  3. Great Article! Appreciate your work.

    Really, we should not quite Blogging for this reasons instead we should write quality content and do hard work & try to grow up.

  4. Blogging is a passion and one should always love it to share our thoughts and knowledge with the world through blogs. It give an opportunity to communicate with the world. Thanks for sharing Raghu.
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  6. Blogging is a slow process, In which nobody has the overnight growth. In blogging, consistency is an important factor. Experiences teach you with time. It is one type of learning process where we can improve along the way and become a better marketer, writer and drive traffic like we can’t imagine.
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  8. Thanks for this article sir. Want to see some more and Keep doing the good work. 🙂

  9. Very well written.

  10. Hi! thanks for sharing these valuable tips. Really appreciate your time.

  11. I also sometimes think of giving up on blogging but the love for writing stops me doing so. Rishi has put up a wonderful post to motivate many of those who feel like me.

  12. Inspiring Article Bro.
    It is all about time,Many newbie just want to earn money in less time which is not possible and they quit blogging
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  13. This is very helpful to me.Thank you for this article..


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