28 Ways To Increase Your Adsense Revenue

Increase your adsense revenue

Google Adsense has remained one of the favourites as a monetizing tool for ages. Bloggers have utilised this advertising tool for over a decade now. But not all make money with Adsense. You must have wondered how to increase your AdSense revenue. I have thought about it too. In fact, that is what got me digging for more information.

I use Adsense on all my blogs. It was much easier to create a solid source of income from Adsense 10 years ago, but now it is quite the opposite. I am going to share with you some of the easiest ways you can increase your AdSense revenue. I am implementing these tips and seeing some positive results already.

28 Ways To Increase Your Adsense Revenue

  1. Place your Adsense ads on the top fold of your website/blog. The general viewpoints on a website according to research shows that most of the website visitors focus on content which is available on the top fold of your page.
  2. Always use multiple ad units. The principle is to increase the number of options for page impressions and clicks. Keep at least 3 to 4 ad units on a single page.
  3. Test Ad placements. Don’t just arrive on a conclusion, test ad placements on your blog. Analysing ad performance can be the key to increasing your Adsense revenue.
  4. Use most popular ad units. Studies show that common and popular ad units have higher advertiser competition, hence they could lead to higher revenue. Popular ad units would be Leaderboard (728×90), Large Rectangle (336×280), Medium Rectangle (300×250) and Wide Skyscraper (160×600).
  5. Pick keywords that have higher search volumes. The key is to integrate these in your content so that your traffic builds and influences your Adsense ROI.
  6. Make sure you use ad formats which blend in with your site design. This is essential for it to look natural and not look out of place.
  7. One of the first options that could help increase your Adsense revenue is the theme or template that you choose. Do look for something which is Adsense compatible and use it for your blog or website.
  8. Keep your blog updated. The more content you have the more opportunity you have to display Adsense ads and this can lead to higher earnings.
  9. Get rid of unwanted ad categories and low paying advertisers. You can do this by going to the allow & block ads section of your Adsense account.
  10. Apply A/B testing. Change ad sizes, placements, type of ads and colours and compare the results. Choose the best options with the given elements and factors.
  11. Make use of section targeting. This will help you deliver relevant ads on your blog or website.
  12. Improve your SEO strategies and build organic traffic. Generate organic traffic from countries which deliver high CPC on your AdSense accounts. Such as USA, UK etc.
  13. Integrate Adsense for search. The key is to use all available Adsense options on your site to increase the chances of user engagement.
  14. Configure ads between posts. If you have short posts, place your ads before the start of the first paragraph. Long content, ad placement should be after the second paragraph.
  15. Focus your efforts on building page rank. It is reported that CPC automatically increases on sites with better pay rank.
  16. Don’t forget to use Adsense for feeds. This could be a game changer, with a decent RSS subscriber base you could dramatically increase your Adsense revenue.
  17. Key an eye on site performance. Is your site being crawled adequately? Do have too many crawl errors? Try and fix it. Stick to a decent web hosting.
  18. Keep a close watch on Google analytics. Well, it will certainly help you understand what keywords are getting higher clicks. You can work around this information to deliver more relevant content.
  19. Use Ezoic. This is a new tool and it works wonders. It’s a classic website ad improvement platform.
  20. Start using link units. They have a great conversion rate because they blend well with your written content. Place a 428X15 unit above or below your post title.
  21. Convert your content into video format and put it on YouTube. Use it in your blog and place ads along with the video.
  22. Sign up for the YouTube publisher program. You could re-purpose your content into videos and you could increase your AdSense revenue via YouTube.
  23. Interchange ad positions with other networks on a regular basis. This will help generate more clicks from your regular readers who might be victims of ad indifference. This is a possibility when your repeated audience turns a blind eye to the same ads they keep seeing every time they visit your site. change is favourable.
  24. Make use of Google Adsense revenue sharing sites. Add more sources of income to increase your Adsense revenue.
  25. Watch your bounce rate. Make sure you bring down your bounce rate. Lesser the bounce higher the time spent on your website. This is a major factor to increase your CTR.
  26. Use other ad networks but make sure they don’t overshadow Adsense ads too much. The viewability factor of your ads is a major aspect of higher Adsense revenues
  27. Put ads in the comments section. This can get you a high level of reader engagement. Try it if your templates allows it.
  28. Adhere to Adsense policies. Do not go overboard, give the regulations a good read and stick to them. Will help you in the long run.

Well, that’s all from me for now! Do let me if you tried these and if it helped your Adsense revenue even a little. I will be happy to hear from you!

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