13 Tips & Best Practices To Write Amazing Email Subject Lines

Email Subject Lines

Email marketing is a very important aspect of a blogger’s journey to becoming successful. Building an email list is very important, but nurturing the list is equally important. What’s also important is to get your subscribers to open the emails that you send them. Quite frankly, it all depends on your subject line.

Studies show that over 33% of email receivers judge the email based on its subject line and they decide whether or not to open it, based on the effectiveness of the subject line. Hence, it is very important for us bloggers and internet marketers to hone our skills and learn how to write amazing email subject lines which will get more email opens, reads and clicks.

In this post, I have outlined tips and best practices which are proven to improve the performance of your email campaigns by writing amazing email subject lines.

13 Tips & Best Practices To Write Amazing Email Subject Lines

#1 Short and to the point

Keep your email subject lines under 50 characters. Longer subject lines will get chopped off and won’t be visible, especially on mobiles. Remember, more and more emails are opened on mobiles these days so you need to keep the subject lines short and sweet.

#2 Be goal oriented

When you write your email subject lines, it is important to know who your audience are and what you want them to do upon seeing the email. Make sure the value of the email is well defined in the subject line.

#3 Be personal

Chances of a subscriber opening the email are higher if his name is visible in the subject line. Using the first name of the recipient increases open rates. For eg. ” Arvind, we thought you would.. ” would prompt a reader to open the email and check. So, use personalization as a technique to drive engagement.

#4 Test different approaches and expressions

Don’t be afraid to test different variations. See what works with your list. Try A/B testing, this will help you understand what works better. Factors that need to be tested can be which day of the week works better, time of the day and what kind of incentives influence click-throughs. Use tools to track these variations and refine your subject lines accordingly.

#5 Divide your lists 

List segmentation will do wonders to your email campaign engagement and help you refine your subjects lines too. Segregating your email list into preferences, mode of sign-up, their professional profiles might help you write customised subject lines for each list campaigns.

#6 Make your subject lines trustworthy

Never make false promises. Lots of times people just send out emails with fake subject lines to influence opens. This will only breed mistrust and your audience won’t open your emails anymore, worse they might opt-out. Keep your email subject lines honest, your email content should follow up on the claims your subject line makes.

#7 Create urgency

Don’t hesitate to create a sense of urgency, it is a tactic which works most of the time. Send out emails with subject lines which focus on timelines. For eg: ” Only one day left!” or Last 5 free downloads available” etc. The sense of urgency will encourage more email opens.

#8 Showcase the value inside

Write subject lines which define the value of the offer inside. Your audience will appreciate it if your emails are adding value to them. So, write subject lines which inform the readers about the value. It can be a simple ” 10% discount on web hosting for you”, but this shows your intentions to add value to your subscribers. Remember, the email content should be relevant to your subject line, don’t lie about what is inside.

#9 Be clear and concise

Your subscribers will get loads of other emails too. Hence they have a tendency to scan through their inbox looking for important emails. Without being too complicated be clear and concise about what you are offering in your subject lines. For eg: instead of ” Improve your email open rates” write ” Improve your email open rates by 25% now.”

#10 Numbers work well

Just like lists work for blog titles they work for email subject lines too. You should try using them, A subject line which reads ” 5 tips to make more money from your blog.” will increase the reader’s inquisitiveness. This assures an email open better than a generic title.

#11 Don’t neglect the preview text

Preview text is something which shows next to the email subject line in the inbox. Don’t neglect this aspect to generate even more interest. Set this to show only clear and valuable content. Don’t know how to do it, Learn how to set email preview content.

#12 Action verbs make all the difference

Subject lines which create a sense of action work better than mundane email subject lines. Start with action-oriented verbs, to make the email attractive. Action verbs generate a sense of excitement around the email.

#13 Draw interest with questions

Questions are meant to get a response. Making your email subject line a question will evoke a response from your reader in the form of opening the email to find out the answer. Write simple questions as subject lines to encourage your readers to open emails. For eg: ” Are are you getting 100 visitors daily to your blog?”, will generate enough interest in your reader’s mind to get an open.

What’s your take?

Now, that I have listed some of the best practices and tips which work to make email subject lines engaging, why don’t you tell me what you think? or what has worked for you with your email campaigns?


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  1. Really an Informative article and good tips to write amazing e-mail subject lines which is really ipmortant as e-mail is the professional way communicating with the others and E-mail marketing is the best way to generate business leads, Your article will really help me and other bloggers to create good subject line for our e-mails to make it more impressive and appealing.
    Thank you for sharing your important and worthy article.

  2. Awesome post……. your article is really informative. Really you have described everything in descriptive, simply yet effective too. I use some of these tips but your article provided me some extra points because email marketing is not an easy task. You’ve done a great job with this.
    Thanks to share this informative article.

  3. I am really bad at writing email subject lines. Be it for any website promotion or in my official emailing list.
    Thanks learnt quite a few tips from your article


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